Arts Plans & Cityscape Analysis

An Art Plan can assist developers and local government organisations by providing an analysis of a site and identifying opportunities for the inclusion of public art.

The plans we create are detailed documents and through the research we undertake include demographic, geographical and historical information. We also make recommendations for themes / possible sites and include a methodology for the selection and commissioning of artists.

Percent for Art Scheme encourages art in the built environment by using a percentage of a developmentā€™s overall budget to commission art. While there is not yet a mandate for this slowly more councils are implementing this scheme and encouraging developers to consider public art as a vital part of their new developments.

We can assist developers who are faced with this requirement by providing a document that ensures the public art you include creates a connection to place for your future residents.

Royal Shores Arts Plan

Melrose Park Arts Plan

Sanctuary Arts Plan

Clients we have prepared reports for: