Arabic 3

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Concrete and Handcut, Glazed Ceramic Tiles Sculptural Seat
Greenacre Shopping Centre, Greenacre, NSW.
Bankstown City Council

One of three works of art in a plan for the area designed by John Skennar, the numerical Arabic 3 is symbolic of inter-cultural learning which is greatly expressed in the Greenacre community.

Workshops were run through the local community centre with special attention given to migrant groups. Using the information gained from these groups, a design was created depicted orchards and farm animals, as this was part of a children’s playground and included a seated element. When we showed the design to the manager of the Groundworks his comment was that he liked the design but “could we lose the pigs” as it may be offensive to Muslim people. When I explained that Muslim people had been shown the design and no comment was made of the pigs he responded “of course not, they would be too polite to do that” – this shows that you cannot do too much community consultation as all sorts of factors come into play.