Knowledge Centre and Library, Chester Hill, NSW

The term Frontispiece refers to the first pages of a book and was derived from the original name of a façade of architecture. The subplot of the work is a short history of writing.

The work of art had significant input from a major stakeholder, the architect David Cook. The piece features intricate laser cutting and large scale rolling of corten steel.

Music and musical notation were deemed to be a language so were included in the sculpture. An original composition was commissioned and composed specifically for the project. It is called Della Libraria and can be accessed and listened to via a QR code. Through community consultation and research – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, written in three community languages of the area was also featured.

The brief from council was for a work of art to be Integrated into the renovated building. This was to be functional public art which provided sun shading for the windows to assist with the efficiency of the air-conditioning

The artists visited all library sponsored community groups gaining valuable information about the many functions of the library, the interests of the visitors and their attitudes to art. Various groups such as playgroups, the knitting group and the English as a second language group contributed.

Peter also visited the regional writers group which had been in constant existence for nearly 40 years. The concept of the work was endorsed by the writers group but not all of them were happy with the final result, i.e. the corten steel.

Stakeholders such as the on-site librarians, local studies and general studies librarians at Bankstown Central library were consulted.