Bald Hill Banners

Bald Hill is well known for daredevils celebrating its windy nature with hangliding and paragliding. Banners which would respond to the environmental conditions were created as a cost effective, place-making, strategy.

Welcome to Revesby

An early attempt by Bankstown Council at the provision of public art as a condition of development application consent. Intense and delicate negotiations with the developer progressed slowly and eventually the developer could appreciate that the project was intended in good faith. Community consultations were facilitated by council. A design based on the unique geological […]

Swimming in Duck Creek

This piece depicts a computer-generated version of people swimming in a creek; the pool sits on what used to Duck Creek where the residents would swim ‘in the old days’. It was dedicated to Margaret Whitlam who appeared at the opening of the Granville Swimming Centre in a diving display in 1936. Extended consultation with […]


The term Frontispiece refers to the first pages of a book and was derived from the original name of a façade of architecture. The subplot of the work is a short history of writing. The work of art had significant input from a major stakeholder, the architect David Cook. The piece features intricate laser cutting […]

Gateway to Opportunity

Depicting the opening of the Carss Park are for habitation by developer Arthur Rickard. The mural, which had to be completed by 26 January 2001, is located at the small strip shopping centre entrance to the park. Workshops in the Historical Society in Carss Cottage allowed the consultation of archives and a meeting with the […]

Loftus Park

Mural depicting the history of the Carlingford/Epping area; based on a book written by the local historian Alex McAndrew. Consultation for the piece with the Community Committee and local residents.

Between Two Rivers

Aboriginal depiction of the Indigenous and European history/geography of the land between the Georges and Nepean Rivers, sometimes known as ‘Cow Pastures.’ Workshops were held with the community, including Aboriginal incarcerated youth of the Raby Youth Correction Centre, Aboriginal elders, elderly Russian residents of the retirement village and friends of the Art Gallery, to inform […]

Miracle Mural

The mural was the result of historical research and community consultation with parents of the children attending the Child Care Centre, and local residents. Mums and Dads of the children assisted in painting the mural, as well as designing the content. The two and three-year-old infants got to create their own mural which is glazed […]

Mayoral Montage 2

Graphic representation of the history of the Kogarah municipality derived from the records of the Kogarah Historical Society. Society members recommended the content. The photoshopped collaged digital prints were hung in the council chambers.

Bulldogs Rugby League Team Club House

An anti-graffiti strategy. To complete this piece, I attended a number of committee meetings and consulted with old players and current players; one of the old players is an artist who assisted on the project. The dressing sheds are also used for other sports which are depicted in colourful border tiles.