Stories From The Street – Bus Stop Youth Project

Mild Steel, Toughened Glass, Stainless Steel and Ceramic Tile
Intersection of Woodville Rd and Forest Rd, Hurstville, NSW
Hurstville Council

“Great to hear the voices of young people when often young people aren’t heard,” comment by unknown passerby.

To deliver on behalf of Hurstville City Council, a public art project that integrates artwork into the new Hurstville Bus Interchange which is reflective of local contemporary youth experience and culture, while lifting the feel of the bus interchange, making it a safe, colourful and accessible place to be.

The word ‘Respect ‘word from consultation with /at risk’ youth. During the consultation one young man claimed that the youth of the area were given no respect, so he drew the word Respect in graffiti style, and it was unanimously acclaimed and instantly accorded the central position in whatever design insured. Subsequently it was transferred into Mirror polished stainless steel.

The dragon in the background is references both the Chinese community and the Dragons Rugby league football team.
The texts are stories derived through a progressive writing workshop with the young writers group in the Hurstville Library and the overall fascination of young people with anime.