Whale Story of the Gweagle People

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Hand Made Glazed Ceramic Tiles
5 ponds approx. 400 x 200 cm

The five pools depict the true aboriginal story illustrating the relationship of the Gweagle people and their totem “a pod of whales’. Converting the story from words into images involved visiting the related sites; rock engravings on the headland above Jibbon Head at Bundeena and beaches in both Port Hacking and Jibbon.

Before conception of the mural, a briefing by the aboriginal elders was held to discuss, amplify and clarify the story which was written out in a concise manner. The design, broken into five chapters, was illustrated and permission/feedback was given from the elders; shapes of the fins were changed. A workshop was held with Aboriginal elders and children, including children from Kurranulla, to create handprints (30-40 prints) that have been included in the mural. The laying of the tiles was subcontracted to a local tile company, Mosaic Design Co, and installed by Terry Cook.

The Elders were very trusting and open throughout the entire process, and I felt truly honoured that they entrusted me with their story.